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Beautiful shimmering effect gives your tank a natural, sunlit look rivaling MH. It's like connecting with your own piece of the ocean.

Tunable Spectrum

Independently adjustable color channels enables tuning a preferred color within the spectral range thousands of research and testing hours determined to be the optimal spectral points for coral growth and color.

Color Mixing

Dense Matrix LED™ technology blends different light wavelengths before they leave the light, providing uniform color throughout the tank. Single light source eliminates spotlight effect, spreading powerful light over a wide area.


No matter which spectral point is chosen with the tunable spectrum, proprietary blend of precision UV light encourages coral color.


Different lens options let you decide between maximum penetration or maximum coverage area. Engineered for long life, quiet operation, efficient cooling and maximum performance, all in a compact, low maintenance and attractive design.

Product Spectrum

*Color temperature for reference only, and is not a direct measurement of CCT

General Specifications

LED 90W DEX 5000 LED
Fixture Dimensions 3.8" x 4" (Length x Diameter)
Coverage Area A350: 18" surface radius by 4' to 5' penetration (on average)
A350W: 24" surface radius by 3' penetration (on average)
Power Supply 100-240 VAC (Input), 48 VDC, 1.87A (Output)
Power Usage 90W

Light Intensity Chart

Measured 24" from the light

Distance in inches from the center

Measured 24" from the light

Distance in inches from the center

Mechanical Dimensions


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