March  2011   

What a fantastic start to 2011! After eight exciting giveaways and 16 awarded H150 lights, our Facebook page has grown from 50 to over 300 fans. That’s amazing! What’s even better is that many of you are now our friends, providing comments and advice on our page. It’s your effort and encouragement that keeps us motivated. We’re working harder than ever, doing even more spectrum research to make outstanding products.

Kessil Update is also growing its own fan base. We will continue to make this update informative, educational, and fun. Hope you’re all enjoying the new Kessil comic—check out an episode of “2 Guys, A Girl, and A Grow Light” at the end of this update!

Kessil Mailbox

Hey Kessil Team!

First off, I have to say that your products are the absolute greatest. One of my closest friends has both a purple and magenta H150, needless to say I am VERY jealous After seeing the H150 in action, I can't imagine how I've gone this long without one. I'm very interested to see what the Spectral Halo is all about. I've been searching online forever and can’t find any info. You guys run a tighter ship than Apple!

I love the Facebook page, and I love the website. You guys rock! Keep up the great work!



Spectral Halo

Hey RW,

Thank you for the email; it brought a smile to our faces! We’re glad that you love our products and that you’re keeping up with us through Facebook and our website. And even though we can’t say anything else about the Spectral Halo, we can say this: we’re right on schedule and there’s only a couple of weeks left until the big release. Excited? We sure are. Let the countdown begin!

All the best,


     Haitz's Law

Do you know…?

The LED lighting revolution is oftentimes compared to the digital revolution that began in the ‘60s. Intel’s co-founder Gordon Moore made a prediction in 1965 that computer CPUs would double in complexity every two years. Dubbed as “Moore’s Law,” this is the standard that manufacturers follow, allowing consumers to enjoy the benefits of an ever-increasing digital processing power in their computers, laptops, and now, even smart phones.

Similarly, insiders in the LED industry closely follow a prediction called Haitz’s Law. In 2000, Dr. Roland Haitz, a scientist from Agilent Technologies, proposed that LED light output efficiency would double every two years. This law has held up in the past decade, and countless resources are being invested in this industry in order to bring consumers brighter, more efficient light. As this technology rapidly grows, LEDs are becoming the preferred method of lighting. Kessil is at the forefront of this movement, designing the best products to deliver more light to our users.

New Products: A150W Aquarium Light

Calwest Tropical Supply
With its innovative design and high quality, radiant light, Kessil presents the A150W LED aquarium light. Using Dense Matrix LED technology to emulate a point-like source, A150W provides the same shimmery effects of a metal halide without its excess power consumption and heat. Bring out the beauty of blue water and vivid colors of coral with the three specially created spectrums of A150W: OCEAN BLUE, SKY BLUE, and DEEP OCEAN BLUE.

We just launched this product and it will soon be available to everyone. Tell your friends and family and help us spread the word!
House of Hydroponics

New Publications: Cloning Wars Part 2

Have you been keeping up with our Maximum Yield articles?
Read the next exciting installment on cloning using LEDs. The results may surprise you.
House of Hydroponics
Store Highlight: House of Hydroponics

House of Hydroponics in San Dimas, CA is a Hydrofarm retailer that is really excited about Kessil LED grow lights. Watch as Carl takes us through his in-store experiment using Red Hot Chili Peppers. Look at the size of those peppers! They’re huge.

Kessil Comic: Let's Go For A Ride


The Spectral Revolution