PR160 LED Photoredox Lights

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Finely Tuned Wavelengths
  • Six precise wavelengths to choose from - 370nm, 390nm, 427nm, 440nm, 456nm, 467nm
  • Study in-depth and optimize reactions to save time and cost
Increased Intensity for Higher Efficiency
  • Intense and penetrating light reduces reaction times and cost (50% brighter than our already intense Kessil H150 Blue)
  • 4 levels of intensity control allows you to study the functional relationship between intensity and yield
Flexibility & Simplicity
  • Easily configure for different geometries (vials, test tubes, flasks, etc…)
  • Add more PR160s to scale up your experiment and increase intensity
  • Multiple mounting: lab clamp, Kessil Gooseneck, PR160 Rig , and more
PR160 Rig for Accuracy
  • Specifically designed mounting to turn system into photoreactor for typical laboratory photocatalytic reactions
  • Full adjustability and secure mounting provides consistency and accuracy
  • Comes with power supply that supports up to 4 PR160s off only one outlet
Designed for Consistency and Reliability
  • Easy to operate
  • Reliable results and repeatable reactions
  • Consistency between every unit
    • Peak wavelength within ±1nm*
    • Optical output within 3%*
    • *Standard Deviation
New Product added to the line
  • UVA LED 370nm for different applications such as general photochemistry, photocycloaddition, UV Curing, etc.
  • Replace high pressure mercury lamp. Safer, environmental friendly, longer lifespan.

Product Spectrum

General Specifications

Power Consumption 40W Max
Input Voltage 100-240 VAC
Operating Temperature 0 - 40°C / 32 - 104°F
Beam Angle 56°
Wavelength Options 370nm, 390nm, 427nm, 440nm, 456nm, 467nm
Average Intensity of PR160 series 288mW/cm2 (measured from 1 cm distance)
Dimensions 4.49" x 2.48" (H x D)

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