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Full Controllability

The app gives users access to advanced manual controls and program customization, as well as the ability to sync groups of lights. Features include full color control, acclimation, lunar cycle, weather effects, and more!

Kessil Ecosystem

With two K-Link and two 0-10V control ports, the new AP9 can be easily wired to adjacent Kessil fixtures. Lights in a wired group can then be app-controlled via the AP9’s WiFi connection. A single AP9 can act as the wireless access point for up to 10 X-Series lights and 20 0-10V lights - giving you total control over all of your tanks.


A summary page to see the status of all the connected Dongles and A360 in one glance


Dongles and daisy-chained A360 can be easily grouped and assigned different programs for advanced settings

Manual Mode

Adjust your A360 to any color and intensity via direct control. The individual color channels highlight your corals or plants without changing the core spectrum


Acclimation Mode allows user to lower the light intensity in order for creatures to acclimate to the new light.

Lunar Cycle

The new ultra low dimming feature simulates natural moonlight for night-time viewing without stressing your corals


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