Kessil O-Type Track
Kessil O-Type Track
  • Kessil O-Type Track
  • Kessil O-Type Track

O-Type Track

2 Circuit Data Track

  • Track Type

    Surface Mounted Track (commercial grade)

  • Compatible Kessil Mounts

    TOX, TON

  • Color Options

    Black / White

  • Segment Length

    4ft / 8ft

  • Mounting Points

    0.47” x 0.16” (11mm x 4mm) Slot Per 1.64’ (500mm)

  • Conductors

    7 (2 Data, 2 Live, 2 Neutral, 1 Ground)

  • Circuits

    2 (20A max per circuit, 40A max per track)

  • Material

    Aluminum / PVC / Polycarbonate / Copper conductors

  • Number of DMX Fixtures

    30 Max

  • Max Load

    50kg / 110lbs (per 1.5’ of track)

  • Separator

    Wiring Guide


    Custom Lengths

    Track segments can be cut on location

    Mounting Points

    Pre-drilled slots for easy mounting

    Remote Operation

    The Data Bus supports up to 30 devices


    Polarity Ridge

    There a mechanical key on the track to guarantee the proper connection of multiple pieces of track. This key is present on all end-feeds and connecting components (see screw below-pictured). Care must be taken when ordering to select the correct components.


    Feeders — supply power to the track

    End Feed

    Polarity Left

    BLACK: 9002/B-2C

    WHITE: 9002/W-2C

    End Feed

    Polarity Right

    BLACK: 9001/B-2C

    WHITE: 9001/W-2C

    Straight Coupler with Feed

    Power Feed

    BLACK: 9010/B-2C

    WHITE: 9010/W-2C

    Can be oriented both sides


    Polarity Outside

    BLACK: 9012/B-2C

    WHITE: 9012/W-2C


    Polarity Inside

    BLACK: 9011/B-2C

    WHITE: 9011/W-2C

    Flex Coupler

    Polarity and Power Feed

    BLACK: 9018/B-2C

    WHITE: 9018/W-2C

    30° - 330° mobility range
    Can be oriented both sides

    End Cap

    BLACK: 9004/B

    WHITE: 9004/W

    Can be oriented both sides


    Track Segments

    120V, 2 Circuits with Data


    BLACK : 9000-UL4/B-ST2-120

    WHITE : 9000-UL4/W-ST2-120


    BLACK : 9000-UL8/B-ST2-120

    WHITE : 9000-UL8/W-ST2-120


    Compatible with